Famine nears completion. I expect editorial notes next week, and then will dive in with the intent to publish in time for a Black Friday push.

Black Friday…yeah…that feels appropriate. Sooo that didn’t happen. I coulda pushed it out early, but that would’ve made me unhappy, and it would have been a disservice to you, lovely readers. The edits are deep, and they’re taking more “thought time” than I expected. I’m adding content — Bartholomew’s history — for those of you who’ve been reading some of my WeWriWa Sunday snippets, and every change has ripple effects that mean a lot of exacting review from beginning to end to be certain that all the threads still weave together properly.

So when will Famine be released? By Christmas? That would be nice. But I think I’d rather promise that it’ll be released when it’s right and ready.

— Monica


Lady Claire

Another fine portrait from the cover and marketing shoot for Famine. Very special thanks go out to the following people for lending me their skills, creativity, and energy. Can’t wait to do it again!

Jacob Cartwright (Bartholomew)

Ric Colgan, ByteStudio Photography

Nicole LaDonne Knowles (Famine)

Belle McCluskey, Boring Sidney Hats (hats & headpieces)

Kim McCormick, (Kimmi Designs) (gown)

E.F.P. (Matilde)

Lily Talamaivao, Foxycut Salon (hair)

Miguel Vigil, Foxycut Salon (MUA)


The first draft of Famine is complete. Finished in four weeks. Un-be-lievable. I’ve started the process of cover design, including casting choices. The role of eight-year-old Matilde has been filled. There’s a hard choice to be made on Claire — I’m down to two candidates and they are both amazing models. And I’ve identified a few potential Bartholomews. He’s gonna be on four covers, so gotta get him just right.

Stay tuned…


Rachel Pryne (photo: ByteStudio Photography; model: Jessica Valentine)

Rachel Pryne (photo: ByteStudio Photography; model: Jessica Valentine)

I finally have a series name.

The Glass and Iron Series will encompass Girl Under Glass and all subsequent books and short stories that involve the Ohnenrai/Terran/Azatem conflict.


Author, Cara Bristol, has named Girl Under Glass to her Best Erotic Romances of 2012

This is particularly amazing since GUG isn’t erotica. In fact, the love scenes are sensual and implied. I’m beyond thrilled and honored. Here’s what Cara had to say about GUG:

For beaming me out of the pages and into another world, Girl Under Glass by Monica Enderle Pierce

A mother who fights to save her daughter following an apocalypse must bring herself to trust a Stranger, a member of the race responsible for it. Girl Under Glass Takes place on earth in the near future and on a space ship. The writing is beautiful, the story compelling, and the setting is literally “out of this world.” A sci fi romance. A debut, self-published novel. First in what will be a series.

And if you are an erotic romance reader, Cara’s books are among the best. Highly recommended.

What do you do when you’re trapped between death and the devil?


2012 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Semi-Finalist

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To protect her young daughter from a madman and a tyrant, Rachel Pryne must trust an enemy – one of the alien warriors who conquered Earth.

“…a compellingly bumpy ride of a love story….”–Publishers Weekly* Reviewer, ABNA Semi-finals

“The author has a masterful hand and a keen understanding of how to tell a good tale.” –Anonymous Amazon Vine Reviewer, ABNA Quarter-finals**

*Publishers Weekly is an independent organization unassociated with Amazon and Penguin Group (USA). This review was based on a draft version of this manuscript and not the final published manuscript.
**Based on a 5,000-word excerpt.


A Sad Jar of Atoms has been revised and is available under Free Reads on this site, as well as on Wattpad. This short story is a prequel to Girl Under Glass.